Promotional & Marketing Video Production

There are several ways that we can produce marketing videos for your company. Video builds brand loyalty is informative and has long lasting recall in the viewers mind.


Company Promotional Video

A short message from the person in charge outlining who you are and why your company is a good fit for the viewer goes a long way, The addition of a voicover or music can add atmosphear and a sence of drama.

Use a video on your homepage or send it out on socila media to get your message to as many prospective clients and customers as possible.

By using video a viewers understanding of your product or service can increase by 74%

If you are launching a new service or product a promotional video is a superb way to demonstrate your offering.  Landrover recently used video at the launch of the new Defender to introduce the product to as wide an audience as possible. You might not have their budget but we can offer a video for your launch.

Furthermore, the video content can be used after the event on your website to continue generating interest and views.


Product Demonstration

Explain how your product or service will benefit them directly, talk to the customer and they will enguage if the content is relevant and personal to them.

Demonstration videos are another great way to enguage with your audience. Show them how something works via the mediaum of video and if its done well the viewer will leave infomed and more likely to contact you.